The literature has changed a lot throughout time, and each technological revolution since Gutenberg adds new possibilities to this art.
The Seasonal Labyrinths is a narrative experience that plays with the movements between the 4 seasons.
The reader is invited to browse between seasons, and can choose any starting point, any intermediate step and any end season. The result depends on the route, but there will always be a different short story.
There are two ways of reading: one through the choice of seasons you prefer “Choose the route” – the reader clicks on an option to the beginning, one for the middle of the story and one for the ending and then just click “Read My history; and another is choosing “Blindly in Labirinth” option – one of the 64 possible combinations will be presented to the reader.
There are many possibilities, what is yours?
Both ways of reading offers the possibility of interactivity – the reader can create a title and share the story trough social networks.
In addition to the website and e-book is available for free download, Seasonal Labyrinths is also a printed book, with a very special graphic design, able to offer the same non-linear reading possibilities.